Brandon Day School's Tutoring and More  -
Our center offers CPR & First Aid Training in Brandon, Florida and to the surrounding community.  Although we specialize in CPR Training for Childcare Centers and Family Home Childcare Centers, we also offer programs to schools, medical facilities, and the workplace.
CPR/AED Class:                    $35.00
First Aid Class:                     $25.00
Private CPR Instruction:       $75.00
Basic Water Rescue              $50.00 (45.00 each for group of 6)
Oxygen Administration         $25.00
Groups Welcome
We hold CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and Blood Born Pathogens at our child care center or your location.  
Please call Carole at 813-449-0700 for more information about Water Safety classes or CPR and First Aid classes.

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